1/11/2021 – Governor Roy Cooper signed a Proclamation appointing James Roberson to

the NC House of Representatives for District 39. Representative Roberson had

previously served two consecutive terms as Councilman for the Town of Knightdale from

2007-2015 and was elected as Mayor in 2015 and re-elected in 2019.


1/20/2021 – The Knightdale Town Council acknowledged and expressed their sincere

appreciation to James Roberson for his dedicated service to the citizens of Knightdale.

Newly appointed Representative Roberson was presented with “Resolution #21-01-20-

001 Recognizing James Roberson For His Service To The Town of Knightdale.” The

Resolution highlighted many of his accomplishments and recognized him as a leader and

advocate for The Town and surrounding communities. The Resolution congratulated him

on his appointment to the NC House of Representatives and wished him continued success.


2/13/2021 – Alpha Kappa Alpha Chi Rho Omega Chapter celebrated Representative

Roberson for his years of dedication and service to the community. “This man is

dedicated to being an activist and ally for his constituents in more ways than one. He has

a strong moral compass that allows him to speak up for the people. . .” was one of the

many accolades given during the event. Mayor Ronnie Currin presented the Award of

Recognition to Representative Roberson noting his accomplishments, commitment and

dedication to community service. Chi Rho Omega’s Presidents who had collaborated

with Representative Roberson on many initiatives thanked him for building bridges and

partnerships that support education, community awareness and health and wellness.


2/22/2021 – Wake County Mayors Association presented Representative James Roberson

with a letter of Recognition and thanks for his service on The Town of Knightdale

Council since 2007 and as Mayor since 2015 during a period of tremendous growth for

The Town and for is passion for improving the lives of everyone throughout Wake

County Roberson served as President of the Wake County Mayors Association in 2018

after a term as Vice President/Treasurer the year before. The letter sited many of his

accomplishments and expressed best wishes to Representative Roberson as a member of

the NC House Representative.


2/26/2021 – Town of Knightdale Staff Acknowledged Representative Roberson for his

support and commitment to community during an out-door event. Representative

Roberson was presented with an Appreciation Award, “in honor of his friendship,

loyalty, and always advocating for their well-being,” by the Town Manager. Staff

acknowledged him as a great leader and wished him well with his new appointment to the

NC House Representatives. The Chief of Police presented him with their Medal of

Honor and Medal of Commendation along with meritorious badges and bars.

Representative Roberson was deeply humbled and appreciative of their thoughtfulness

and kindness.