Representative Roberson is a champion for the community college system and believes that it is crucial to utilize community colleges when it comes to economic and workforce development. He believes that a well-trained readiness workforce is the key to jump starting and stimulating our local and state economy. These opportunities are realized through our partnerships with the community college system. Representative Roberson is a strong supporter of the Public-School system and partnerships that create access and opportunities that provide and strengthen educational resources contributing to student success. Being a graduate of two HBCUs he understands the importance of inclusion and equity that will create opportunities in government, the public sector, business and industry. He is committed to working on sustainable initiatives and legislation that will yield positives outcomes for future leaders in our state.

Economic and Workforce Development:

Representative Roberson strongly supports and advocates for small businesses. He has worked continuously to bring challenges and issues to the forefront making it easier for their functionality and sustainability. “It is critical to understand that small businesses are the fabric of our economic community,” as North Carolina continues to grow, we must ensure that opportunities and resources that attract businesses to this area are also available to our small businesses. He will work to support legislation that will strengthen our economy, recruit new industry with high paying jobs that move North Carolinians forward.

Health & Wellness:

Representative Roberson believes that a healthy community is a vibrant community and he has worked on initiatives to create inclusion and access for citizens to achieve wellness balance. His commitment to the redevelopment of Harper Park as a tennis and pickle ball complex and the founder of the Arts and Education festival that spotlights arts, education health and wellness has been a valuable resource to citizens of Wake County. He has introduced new programs that enhance public recreation and contribute to citizens health and wellness lifestyle. He will continue to advocate for legislation that focuses on preventive healthcare, health care accessibility and senior citizen’s outreach, as well as affordable housing.

Public Safety:

A safe community is a prosperous one and Representative Roberson’s experience as Councilor and Mayor with local government provided him the opportunity to work closely with Police, Fire and EMS. It is important to support community awareness programs and Community Policing a strategy that focuses on developing relationships with the citizens and the business community. He will work to support initiatives and legislation that develop, partner, and identify solutions to support Public Safety resulting in a safe environment for our communities.